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Roles and Responsibilities
Roles and Responsibilities

1. Provide trainings and workshop relating to quality control for firms in accordance with TSQC1.
2. Support small and medium size firms in implementing quality control system which is practical
and relevant to their size and complexity.
3. Visit selected audit firms with the purpose of providing advices in relation to implementation of audit quality control system.
4. Develop methodology and quality review program to monitor the firms’ quality control system.
5. Cooperate with other relevant regulatory bodies to set scope of work and mutually conduct agreed quality review program.
6. Report on work progress and observations and findings from the review to FAP Auditing Committee who will then consider and report further to FAP Board.
7. Perform such other duties or functions as assigned by FAP Auditing Committee as determined necessary or appropriate in relation to development and supervisory of audit quality control systems of audit firms.
8. Appoint and assign working group to carry out tasks in relation to audit quality control system on behalf of the Subcommittee.
9. Perform other tasks as assigned by FAP Board.



Composition of the Subcommittee